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Domestic Violence

Milwaukee Domestic Violence Lawyer

Fighting Domestic Violence, Domestic Abuse, & Disorderly Conduct in Milwaukee

Did you know that just having a loud argument in your own home can result in serious domestic violence charges? Many people don't realize how involved a domestic violence accusation can be. Such a charge can put you out of your home, affect your ability to remain in contact with your children or loved one, and impact your ability to work in many areas (like child care, security, and health care). 

Domestic violence accusations can also permanently affect your right to own or purchase firearms or to hunt. If you've been accused of domestic violence, contact our Milwaukee domestic violence lawyer at Ritter Law Office, LLP immediately.

Extensive domestic violence defense in Milwaukee

Domestic violence is very aggressively prosecuted by the DAs in this area, regardless of the wishes of the "victim" and can lead to severe consequences. They will sometimes continue to pursue the charge even if the victim refuses or just doesn't come to court.

Ensure your rights are protected with an experienced criminal defense attorney that has handled domestic violence cases similar to your own. We can make a huge difference in how the DA decides to handle your case, whether you are treated fairly and ultimately what happens to you.

Our Milwaukee Domestic Violence Attorneys Understand Difficult situations

At Ritter Law Office, LLP, we understand the sensitive family situations that often lead to people being charged with domestic violence-related crimes. We take the time to get to know each client and their individual situation. A detailed understanding of the facts of each case is essential to getting you the best possible outcome.

Our Milwaukee domestic violence lawyers are very successful at getting  charges reduced or, in many cases, completely dismissed. We know your family, your reputation and your freedom may be at stake and we can help.

If you've been accused of domestic violence, contact our Milwaukee domestic violence attorney today at (414) 441-4321 to schedule your initial consultation.


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