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Drunk Driving

Milwaukee DUI Lawyer

Accused of Drunk Driving Charges? We can Help Help Fight OWI, DUI, and DWI Cases

A drunk-driving charge can happen to anyone. You can be charged with drunk-driving even if you were NOT drunk. Most people charged with drunk-driving are normal, hardworking citizens who are worried about their reputation, how they are going to get around and keep their license, and certainly upset about the possibility of jail time.

Our Milwaukee criminal defense lawyers are sympathetic to your concerns and understand how circumstances sometimes put people in the wrong place at the wrong time. We know your reputation, your job, and your freedom may be at stake and we can help.

Our DUI lawyers in Milwaukee investigate every fact about your drunk driving arrest to determine whether the police had the right to stop you, whether there was enough evidence to arrest you and whether the scientific evidence they want to use against you will stand up in court.

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How Early Should You Contact a Drunk Driving Lawyer?

It is important that you hire an attorney as early as possible to advise you on what you could be doing from "DAY ONE" to start building your DUI/OWI defense and getting you in a position for the best possible outcome in your case. 

This may include preserving vital evidence, substituting against particular judges, or filing motions to suppress evidence if the police stepped over the line. Or this may include getting you into the best position for sentencing by exploring early treatment options and advising you on how to deal with the Department of Transportation and your license to drive.

Make sure that you have an experienced Milwaukee drunk driving attorney to advise you and protect your rights before you go to court in Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin, the only time you can have a say in which judge hears your case is BEFORE you enter a plea. This is an important right that you lose if you don't use it - often at the very first court appearance.

Do I Need a Lawyer for DUI in Wisconsin?

Hiring criminal defense attorneys is vital because they are experienced in DUI Wisconsin law and can provide the best defense for your case. They understand the legal process and will be able to guide you through it, negotiate on your behalf, and lessen the consequences of your charges.

Additionally, a DUI lawyer in Milwaukee has likely worked with the local prosecutors and judges before and may have established connections to benefit your DUI/OWI case.

Understanding the Consequences of a DUI in Wisconsin

Being convicted of a DUI in Wisconsin can have serious legal and financial consequences. It's important to understand the potential penalties and repercussions of a DUI conviction in order to make informed decisions about your defense strategy.

Some of the consequences of a DUI in Wisconsin include:

  • Driver's license suspension or revocation
  • Heavy fines and court costs
  • Possible jail time
  • Increased insurance premiums
  • Mandatory alcohol education or treatment programs
  • Potential ignition interlock device installation

It's crucial to seek the guidance of an experienced Milwaukee DUI lawyer who can help you navigate the legal process and work towards the best possible outcome for your case.

How Serious is a DUI in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, a first-time operating while intoxicated (OWI) offense is a traffic violation, not a criminal offense. However, it does carry several severe penalties, including: 

  • A mandatory alcohol assessment
  • A possible ignition interlock device
  • No jail time unless there is a passenger in the vehicle who is under 16 years of age

Subsequent offenses are criminal, and a fourth offense is a felony offense. Penalties for subsequent offenses include: 

  • Up to six years imprisonment
  • A lifetime license revocation
  • More severe penalties if injury or death results

Is Your First DUI a Felony in Wisconsin?

No, a first DUI is not a felony in Wisconsin. A DUI is considered a traffic violation, although the consequences can still be significant. Here's a breakdown of DUI penalties in Wisconsin:

First Offense:

  • Fine: $150-$300 (plus $365 in OWI surcharges)
  • License revocation: 6-9 months
  • Jail: None, unless there are aggravating factors like causing an accident with injury or transporting a minor.

Second Offense:

  • Fine: $500-$1,250 (plus $365 in OWI surcharges)
  • License revocation: 1 year
  • Jail: Up to 6 months

Third Offense:

  • Fine: $1,000-$2,500 (plus $365 in OWI surcharges)
  • License revocation: 2 years
  • Jail: Up to 1 year

Fourth Offense and Beyond:

  • Felony charges with increased fines and jail time.

It's important to note that these are just the minimum penalties. The actual penalties you could face will depend on the specific circumstances of your DUI case, such as your BAC level, whether anyone was injured, and whether you have any prior convictions.

Suppose you are facing a DUI charge in Wisconsin. In that case, it is essential to consult with an experienced DUI attorney to discuss your options and protect your rights.

While it may be tempting to just handle a DUI charge on your own or hire a general attorney, it is crucial to have specialized representation. A DUI attorney has dedicated their practice to this specific area of law and will have a thorough understanding of all the complexities involved.

Can a DUI Be Dismissed in Wisconsin?

A DUI (or OWI) stays on your criminal record for life in Wisconsin. However, there are some ways to get an OWI dismissed, including: 

  • Challenge the legality of the stop.
  • Shows that the Wisconsin police did not have probable cause to administer a breath test.
  • Challenge the results of a breath test.
  • Suppose the police pulled you over without reasonable suspicion. In that case, all of the government's evidence can be excluded from your drunk driving case.
  • Suppose there is any evidence or indication of Wisconsin police misconduct related to a drunk driving traffic stop or subsequent arrest. In that case, the criminal charges should be dismissed.

Don't risk jeopardizing your future by not hiring a qualified DUI attorney in Milwaukee. It is worth investing in their expertise to potentially minimize the impact a DUI charge can have on your life. Contact our Milwaukee DUI lawyers today.

Protect Your Future with Experienced DUI Defense

Being charged with a DUI in Wisconsin can have serious consequences, including fines, license suspension, and even jail time. It's crucial to have a knowledgeable and experienced DUI defense attorney on your side to navigate the legal process and fight for the best possible outcome for your case.

At Ritter Law Office, LLP, our Milwaukee DUI lawyers have a proven track record of successfully defending clients facing drunk driving charges. We understand the complexities of DUI laws in Wisconsin and will work tirelessly to protect your rights and preserve your future.

Benefits of hiring our DUI defense team include:

  • Personalized legal strategy tailored to your unique situation
  • Thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding your DUI arrest
  • Strong negotiation skills to potentially reduce charges or penalties
  • Representation in court to advocate for your best interests
  • Compassionate support and guidance throughout the legal process


Contact our DUI attorneys in Milwaukee today online or call (414) 441-4321 to schedule a free consultation.


Commonly Asked Questions

What are some consequences of a DUI conviction in Wisconsin?

Consequences of a DUI in Wisconsin can include driver's license suspension or revocation, heavy fines and court costs, possible jail time, increased insurance premiums, mandatory alcohol education or treatment programs, and potential ignition interlock device installation.

When should I contact a drunk driving lawyer?

It is crucial to hire an attorney as early as possible to start building your DUI/OWI defense and positioning yourself for the best outcome. This may involve preserving evidence, filing motions, and advising on dealing with the Department of Transportation and your license.

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