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If you have been accused of a gun-related crime like illegal possession or shooting, Ritter Law Office, LLP is here to help. We have been defending clients for a collective 43 years, and we genuinely care about your rights as a defendant. The court system can feel impersonal and overwhelming, but we are here to provide an experienced and calming presence to guide you through your defense. 

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Open and Concealed Carry in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, any adult 18 years or older may possess a firearm (under state and federal law) and may carry the weapon openly without a license. Concealed carry is permitted for Wisconsin residents who have a Wisconsin Concealed Weapons License (CWL) and non-residents who have a permit from a state Wisconsin recognizes. CWL applicants must be 21 years or older, have completed a firearms training course, and meet other specific criteria. Licenses typically last 5 years.

Some examples of places you can carry concealed in Wisconsin include:

  • bars/restaurants that serve alcohol (unless otherwise posted), provided that you do not consume alcohol;
  • your vehicle, if you have a valid CWL;
  • roadside rest areas;
  • state/national parks, with a valid CWL;
  • trains or buses;
  • private aircraft.

You are not allowed to carry concealed in the following:

  • on school grounds;
  • on university grounds;
  • police stations, the sheriff’s office, or state patrol stations;
  • prisons, jails, correctional facilities;
  • mental health facilities for sexually violent individuals;
  • Wisconsin Resource Center;
  • secured units of a mental health institute;
  • county, state, or federal courthouses;
  • municipal courtrooms if in session;
  • beyond an airport security checkpoint.

Note that you may not carry while consuming or under the influence of drugs or alcohol or while you have a detectable amount of a restricted drug in your blood. 

Carry While Hunting

Under state and federal law, you have the right to carry a firearm while hunting. More specifically in Wisconsin, you may carry while hunting as long as you have a CWL. A person who owns, leases, or is the legal occupant of land and who is at least 18 years old may be allowed to possess a concealed handgun while hunting on their land without having a license. However, to use such a concealed handgun for hunting, the handgun must be a legal size and caliber for the hunted species.

Self-Defense – Castle Doctrine

Wisconsin follows the castle doctrine, which means you have no duty to retreat before using self-defense to protect yourself, others, or your property if you reasonably believe that it is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm. Each case can be quite tricky, as the nature of self-defense as “reasonable” will depend on the facts of the situation. If you have been accused of shooting or using a weapon to protect yourself, you should not be liable for criminal charges.

Ritter Law Office, LLP can take a look at your situation and help you navigate any legal issues you are facing with firearms possession. We have worked with clients in numerous different scenarios, including unlawful search and seizure of their guns. From open and concealed carry to your rights in hunting to self-defense, we can advocate for your gun rights in Wisconsin. 

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