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Violent Crimes

Milwaukee Violent Crimes and Homicide Lawyer

Intentional Homicide, Unintentional Homicide, Murder,
Endangering Safety, Homicide By Use of Vehicle

Any violent crimes charge can lead to very serious and long-lasting consequences. Whether you have been charged with a simple battery, a shooting, or a robbery/homicide, we will prepare an aggressive defense.

We have handled all types of violent crimes from misdemeanors to multiple homicides and are very experienced with complex criminal litigation. We are dedicated to our clients and their cases and work hard to ensure the best possible results in each case.

Some of the serious violent crimes we have defended:

  • Assault and battery defense
  • Homicide defense/murder
  • Reckless endangerment of safety
  • Drive by shootings
  • Endangering safety by use of deadly weapon
  • Fleeing and eluding police
  • Unintentional Homicide
  • Homicide by Use of a Vehicle

Coerced confession? Questionable eyewitness?

If you have been wrongfully coerced into confessing or if you have been falsely accused based on questionable eye-witness testimony, it is important to have a lawyer by your side who understands how to address this kind of evidence.

When the charges are this serious, you need an experienced lawyer with significant litigation skills. Allison Ritter and Elizabeth Frenandez have defended people against murder and reckless homicide charges. The stakes in such cases are high and the punishment is severe. A conviction for a charge of first degree murder will lead to a sentence of many years in prison or even life without parole. It is critical to have a skilled attorney who has experience in Milwaukee defending people against homicide charges or other charges of violent crimes. If you have been arrested for murder or are being investigated, call us, we can help.

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  • I honestly could go on for pages about how thankful I am. You did amazing!

    “You never waivered…and you made me feel so good about the situation. I and my family cannot tell you how great it was to have somebody actually stand up and fight for me.”

  • All your efforts and kindness were greatly appreciated.

    “Sending you a thank you for all the hard work and goodwill you [used] to find justice for C. All your efforts and kindness were greatly appreciated. You will forever be remembered by our family. Thank you again and God Bless!”

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